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In our clinic we have been using the Bio-Tracker and other similar instruments for close to twenty years.  Frequently this method has been helpful in discovering and correcting the true reasons for the problems of patients who had been ill for a long time and who had been unsuccessfully treated by many other doctors.  In many cases this method of diagnosis is for more accurate and reliable than the diagnostic procedures currently used in medicine.  These procedures can be very inaccurate and they can easily mislead the doctor.

A very useful aspect of the Bio-Tracker is its ability to create new homeopathic remedies by imprinting vibrations on lactose tablets or distilled water.  The best remedy which can be made this way is that which has all the vibrations present in a person’s body.  Such a remedy can be produced by placing the patient’s fingers in the INPUT well and the remedy in the OUTPUT well.  A remedy made in this manner is most effective if it is simply held close to or in contact with the body, and not taken orally.  If such a remedy can be made up and used daily sickness becomes virtually impossible.

Another helpful aspect of the Bio-Tracker is that it can be used for making samples for allergy elimination.  By using these samples together with acupressure techniques it is possible to eliminate allergies and improve body metabolism to a remarkable degree.

If it were not for the Bio-Tracker we could do nothing for many of the patients in our clinic.  This is undoubtedly the method of the future.  When it becomes widely used most health problems will cease.


John Lubecki, D.C.

Author of “The End of Cancer” and “The End of Cancer II.”