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October 19, 2000
To Whom It May Concern:

I have found the BioTracker to be an invaluable asset in my nutritional practice.  The
initial testing identifies body system imbalances that may influence either acute or
chronic physical symptoms.  It then assists in taking the "guess work" out of
recommendations.  The precision of the remedies to create balance of bodily functions
within a short period of time tends to increase client compliance.

The two functions I find most helpful with the BioTracker is the ability to test individual
hormones and foods.  Women swear by the effectiveness of the hormone remedies to
combat menopausal and PMS symptoms.  I find that foods are often the culprit in pain
situations for which no medical diagnosis has been found.  Identifying offending foods
then places the responsibility for correction directly on the client.  Even though it is the
area of least compliance, that information has been a lifesaver for some clients.

The BioTracker is user friendly and I highly recommend it to any health care practitioner
who desires a direct connection to the most wonderful and complex computer ever
assembled - the human body.


Helen E. Root, Ph.D.