The BioTracker

Bio Energetic Stress Response Technology

BioTracker System Components

BioTracker Hardware package

BioTracker Enclosure housing USB electronic boards

Active Test Plate attached for testing Custom Items 

Probe Electrode Testing Set 

Footpedal connecting set for hands on operation

BioTracker Encrypter for encrypting Remedies from Virtual Lists

BioTracker Owners handbook

Computer Hardware

Laptop personal computer

Portable Color/B&W Printer

Power and connecting Cords

Complete with Carry Case 

BioTracker Software Package

BioTracker Program usb 2500 plus

BioTracker Virtual Lists for Testing

Virtual Lists included: Homeopathics/Nosodes/Sarcodes/Miasms etc.

Allergins, Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones, Pesticides, Chemicals, Flower Remedies, Phenolics, Radiations, Dental Materials & Conditions, Pharmaceuticals, Color Remedies, Meridian Remedies, Parasite Nosodes, Herbals etc.


Complete BioTracker System Unit

 The finest Bio Stress Response Technology System available

  BioTracker System Price, please Email us OR Call us

Starting from $9,975.00 to $20,450.00   ____________________________________________________________________________

Bio-Tracker Technologies Inc.  USA

Proprietary Owner and Distributor of The BioTracker System

P.O. Box 2225, Chandler, AZ 85244

Telephone:  (480) 495-2810

Email: [email protected]


BioTracker... accessing the Genius within you.